Sunday, September 05, 2010

Romeo and Juliet's - Not so much!!!!

I was craving a sweet, I said to myself, how about going to a coffee house on a nice afternoon, people watch and have a nice big something with frosting. My immediate thought was The Spot Coffee on Elmwood. But since my self imposed exile from any place past Hertel that resembles any area near the Elmwood neighborhood and all businesses, I said, try another place. A few weeks ago after garage sale-ing and visiting the farmers market, I realized that every time I venture any where in the Elmwood area district I always have a terrible experience. The people are sooooooo pretentious and full of themselves, even more so than Amherst people, who are also equally self involved and clueless. Why on earth would any one in Amherst want to drive a Hummer?????? Certainly not the terrain. Isn't Amherst mainly flat and 80% parking lots? Useless people driving useless cars but I digress.
I stopped at Romeo and Juliet's on Hertel. I asked if they have
Casata Cake. They say yes, I get a slice and a cup of coffee.
The very blase' kid behind the counter grabbed the Casata Cake slice with his bare hands, put it on a paper plate and handed it over with a tiny cup of coffee. The cake still had wax paper on it, so I figured it was ok since the blase' kid didn't really touch it. The Casata cake was made with yellow cake and not the traditional Angel Food cake. I myself made a Casata cake for my husband Frank using Tina Reccioni's recipe. It was fab! This cake was not fab. It seemed very commercial. So I guess I have learned my lesson. Romeo and Juliet's looks like a nice place but nothing in it is home made. So maybe next week I will try another coffee place in the area. Or maybe I should just make something at home!
Good idea Cyn.
Well after reading this blog it sounds like I might be a tad negative and I am craving sweets.............better check the calendar...........hahahahaha