Friday, September 03, 2010

Im LOVING my new 4 in 1 Griddle! This morning we made organic buttermilk pancakes! mmmmm unfortunately I bought the Log Cabin maple syrup, with corn syrup, even tho the label said No High Fructose Corn syrup, it really is basically the same, BAD FOR U. I love this griddle because I can take out the plates to clean. It opens up flat for lots of grilling. Which I will do for our late lunch of grilled veggies, (marinate peppers, red onion, zucinni and eggplant) on chiabatta bread with goat cheese. Throw in some spinach layers too. This grill can be used for paninni also! Try crusty bread with a nice italian type meat like prociutto and cappicola and a layer of mozzerela and rasberry jam, YES I am serious, its fab. Or Brie instead of the mozzerela, brie goes great with sweet.

Oh and speaking of sweet, since we are trying to rid our selves of high fructose corn syrup and I love love love the sweat tea at McD's, I have been making my own sweet tea and its GREAT! Brew a full pot of tea in your coffee maker, I use 4 salada tea bags for 1 pot. Cool that down. In a sauce pan, 1 cup of sugar, (use the organic raw sugar) to 1 cup of water, this is really simple syrup, low heat for about 5 minutes just to disolve the sugar, I usually throw in a couple nice big sprigs of mint from my garden in at this time too. Once sugar is dissolved, I cover and let sit for 20 minutes to let mint or lemon slices infuse. I strain the simple syrup into my iced tea container. This stuff is addicting. It may have sugar in it but at least you know where all the ingredients have come from. I am trying my best to eat REAL food, nothing processed.
Better for you in so many ways.
Any way, this grill is exactly like th cuisinart Grill I have been eyeing but this General Electric is less the pricey price tag!!!