Thursday, June 26, 2008

I would pay good money for a desk chair of my design

I was just sitting here at my desk giving thanks to God for my really great life. I have re-committed myself today to really teach myself and learn more technical applications for my job and for the future. I was listening to a podcast on the way to work this glorious morning and it was about the Law of Attraction and job finding. What is your dream job? Well, I am in my dream job actually. 2 years before I became a Business Analyst, a job posting came up at work. For a Business Analyst for our Diamond System. It was the first time I ever saw those two words together!! It looked SOOO interesting but I did not have enough courage to go for it. But the girl who did get that job? I ended up taking her place when she moved into the Business Analyst position. I watched her for two years and ENVIED her every minute. In a good way of course. And when she left to take a Directors position, I KNEW I had to go for my dream job. And yes I got it. Ever since then I have been in my glory! I love all things technical. I am a GEEK. So MORE of my dream job at this time would be to do this great technical stuff from HOME. I would love to be a technical writer and just create documentation and manuals ALL day. Or do reports all day. I really really REVEL in it!!!! And of course I offset all this technical stuff by being a green, earth loving, tree hugging, organic homeopathic hippy! hahahahaha. Which brings me back to my CHAIR. So here I am, in my office, at my desk at home. I have chosen to give up the DVR-ed soap operas and spend my time with all my Tutorials, Element K, tech writing, SQL and Database courses for the summer. HECK yeah!!!
And honestly, I could sit at my desk for HOURS, but its my boys. They look at me and whine because they can't sit next to me during this. So I would like to design a desk chair that is so huge that I can put a doggie on each side of me. I can't do all this computer stuff on the couch or even the bed with the laptop, I need to be at a desk for this. So can someone out there design this chair for me? hahahahaha Make Jasper and Jeffery happy???
Oh GOOD news. Not just 5 minutes ago I was praising Jasper, he ate his WHOLE plate of DOG FOOD!!! Yes we are on day # 7 of dog food. I refuse to cook for them any more. They wouldnt eat it any way so......I am not giving in. Jasper has been pretty good. Jeffery, well, He just wont eat the can stuff. He will eat the dry dog food. I actually put the canned food in his mouth and he spits it out.
Its only been a week. We shall see who endures........