Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Moved! (AGAIN)

Ok I think I have a moving issue, I just realized my little Jeffery is 2yrs old today and with him alone, we moved 3 times. And Jasper? Well, lets see, he is 4 and with him we moved 6 times.........
Any way, here is our new home in Albion NY. The perfect farm house surrounded by cornfields. We just LOVE it here. We have a big porch and you should see the faces on my little dogs when they run as hard as they can in the back yard. Jasper looks joyous trying to catch up to his brother Jeffery with the long legs. At night its DARK. But I am so completely at peace here. And look at that FABULOUS pantry!!! Yes we will be here for a long time. Its just heaven for us.