Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Not ready for retirement YET!

Ok, I may be getting up there in age, and I think I'm pretty mature for what I used to be like but I sure ain't ready for retirement yet! I don't want to look old, act old, give up and wait to be old.....I want to stand on the edge of the cliff of life and feel the wind rock me back and forth. I tend to be a wimpy baby at things so I want someone to push me, teach me, show me how to jump and let go. Run faster than me so I can build endurance trying to catch up. JPS I learned so much from you. You are the best, strongest, bigger than life man, who is not afraid of a dam thing. Being with you was always like being on fire, falling from the sky arms out with no parachute. I'm never going to be able to replace that am I? I don't think I want to any way. You never gave up on me, no matter what I dished out you would always show up at my front door in spite of my self. Because of your endurance we had some moments I will never forget. You would never let me grow old would you. We would never die, just ride your Road King into eternity laughing........................God I miss you.