Sunday, January 01, 2006

Getting Back to Basics in 2006

If you want to get back to basics, find out who you a tent. And what is it that you will grab for fullfillment for yourself? Would you even be able to do it? Sleep under the stars, put up your own tent? The answers to these questions can tell you alot about yourself. Did your mind drift off to renting a larger more comfortable RV? That says alot about your personality too.
Can you even be alone with yourself in the woods? Do you like yourself? Would the bears like you?
Me? I would take wood for a nice campfire, my camping coffeemaker, vanilla wafer cookies and marshmellos, I melt the marshmello and put it in between the cookies. This was always my favorite thing to do at night camping with Jasper. Some good books and great snack food too. I finally learned to turn off my constant radio talk shows and listen to the sound of the nature surrounding me.
So what do my choices tell you about me? That maybe I was an introvert and enjoyed the company of my dog than people? That I am strong enough to brave the wilderness alone. That maybe I have been doing too many things alone? I like being with myself. I have no baggage any more. I have flaws but I am cleaning up nicely. The campfire, and comfort food tells me I would be a great nurturer, if I can pamper myself, I can pamper someone else too. Guess I better pack up all this camping gear and head home. One last deep breathe of fresh air, one more walk around the lake. Come on Jasper, its time to go find someone to join us on our next camping trip..................