Sunday, December 04, 2005

The AHA moment!!!!!

The aha moment
The seal has been broken
The Helen Keller miracle revelation
The pompitious of love
Living large
Carpe Diem!

It finally hit me! Why am I here in Denver? Certainly NOT to repeat my boring habits of NY. I tried to be a hermit in Colorado and just work and go my boring little way thru life. But Denver has a way of taking even your simplest moments and kicking it up a notch! From my job which is so on the leading edge of technology and I am in the position where I have to teach other health plans nation wide this new technology……….to my gym 24 Hour Fitness, there are many of them planted all over the city so I schedule my workout with my errands and where I am going to work out that day! To Whole Foods the coolest store I have ever been to, kind of like a Premier Liquors, Feel Rite, gourmet health food store. We can’t even discuss shopping that would take a whole other blog! Just the simple act of going to lunch, I went to Thai Basil yesterday, incredible Chicken Coconut soup…….after Washington Park, kind of like a Delaware Park with the lake and LOTS more trees. And there are shops and coffee shops with that kind of Elmwood-y feel. Jasper and I will be walking there quite often. You CANT sit home in Denver. I even ran into a friend that moved here the same time I did and he has access to Prime Nugget and Avalanche tickets. Went to this very cool neighborhood Italian place, busy and crowded with people, and while waiting for a table at the bar had numerous lively conversations with people, the consensus is half and half, half are native from Denver and half are all here from somewhere else! And the ones that are not from Denver are NEVER leaving. And it felt like talking to old friends even tho we all had just met. And last night I got the bug to go skiing so I went to Gart Sports and got all my gear! I am going to Copper today and will have pics later!!!
So I have given in. Denver has finally gotten to me and I have decided to take advantage of everything this area has to offer. I intend to be in the middle of everything Denver! Everything Colorado, Everything Rocky Mountain. So fasten your seatbelts. I will update those of you that cannot be here, with fab pics from my adventures.