Tuesday, June 22, 2010

90 Days of Yoga - Day 2 Heart cracked open a little.

Well of course getting back to yoga again after not doing it a little while, I was rusty. But it felt really really good. I even felt my heart crack open a little. In a good way of course. I refuse to let it crack any other way now! I usually do some yoga in the shower, a couple triangles, a few tree poses to ground me for the day, I throw in what I call my Stings, as I heard they were Sting's fav pose. Finish off with some cat cows. But that was this morning, not the yoga I did when I got home. I feel good. I started the day out with someone I have had my eye on for 4 years walking toward me today before I got to work. That is all I can say right now. It was good tho! Very good.

Yoga quote for today - Smile, it gets better - stolen from pg