Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Squirrel in the Desert

What is feeling at home in the world? You can't rearrange the world to fit your taste, you just have to find a place that feels like home to you. When you dont't feel at home in the world, you feel there is something wrong with you and the world doesn't feel right either. Now here's the good news. You're fine, nothing is wrong with you! You are just a squirrel in the desert!
I love squirrels, it is fun to watch them run up trees, across telephone lines, hopping thru the back yard. Jasper and Jeffery love to chase them, for some reason they never learn to LOOK UP once they get to the tree. I can see every day that a squirrel is perfectly at home in a world of trees. But imagine taking that squirrel and plunking him down in the middle of the desert. This wonderful animal will suddenly feel depressed, anxious and confused, completely at a loss. There are plenty of animals that make a home in the desert, but not the squirrel. There is nothing really wrong with that downcast squirrel in the desert. He's perfect. But he's only perfect when he's at home, in a place with lots of trees. In the desert the squirrel is an unhappy misfit. Now imagine doing something stupid: taking that squirrel and taking him to a thereapist so he will feel better. You could do squirrel therapy forever, but as long as he is in the desert he is going to be miserable. But if you just pick him up and put him in a place with lots of trees he is at home and happy! That was me in Denver, I was a squirrel in the desert. I really belong here with the trees. I never left because I hated it here, actually I really loved my life here in NY. I just thought that well, if Im happy here, I can be ecstatic somewhere else!!!! I am greatful for my journey. I don't consider it negative or a bad choice. It was a path taken and returned on. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to come back. It says alot for my character to be able to be welcomed back by so many open arms of friendship. I cherish my cousin Urs and it is so good to see her smiling face every day at work.....and I cherish each and every NY smile I come across in my ordinary squirrel life..............

If you liked the story about the squirrels you would love the book I got the idea from. Everything Happens for a Reason by Mira Kirshenbaum